Hi guys, I’m so exciting to share one of my professional work to you. This is a collaboration of me and Otis Chu, it was designed by him and hand coded by me. Roval Theme is a professional work, we made it to sell on Themeforest in 2017, lots of customers bought it and give very good feedbacks about it. Now we decided to remove it on Themeforest and make it publicly & totally free. You can use this theme to make your personal website, or make a creative resume to impress your employer.

The story

The story behind this theme is also very interesting. To be honest, this is the first theme I sell on Themeforest, I was thinking that develop a theme and sell to Themeforest is easy. When I started to develop this, I realize it’s not easy as I think before, this item has been rejected for several times before it’s been approved to listing on Themeforest.

It’s been soft-rejected for a few times, I have to modify a lot of things…


Roval has 2 pages : Home page and Blog page. It also has 2 color versions, dark and light.

  1. Light version home page: https://roval.dshongphuc.com/
  2. Dark version home page: https://roval.dshongphuc.com/index-dark.html
  3. Light blog page: https://roval.dshongphuc.com/single-post.html
  4. Dark blog page: https://roval.dshongphuc.com/single-post-dark.html

Download & Documentation

The source code and documentation is public here on my Github : https://github.com/dshongphuc/roval-theme, you’re feel free to download and use it in your non-commercial website.

I hope it’s helpful for you and also hope you love it. If you have any trouble or issue when using it, feel free to open a new issue on above repository, I will try to solve it when I have time. Please star this repository and share it if you feel it’s deserved :) Thank you !